Friday, June 20, 2008

Enema statue in bronze

Yeah you read that right, a statue erected in honor of the enema.

The Mashuk Akva-Term sanatorium in the spa town of Zheleznovodsk, Russia thinks enemas are beautiful and have bought a $42,000 bronze bulb syringe held up by angels to prove it.

The monument weighs 350 kilograms and stands 1.5 meters high.

More than 100 enemas are carried out daily at the sanatorium. "It's high time that enemas got a monument," director of the spa said. "We wanted to make people see this procedure as more pleasant and fun," the sculptor said.

Unfortunately for all you who may want to make a trip to see the bronze bulb masterpiece, the statue stands in the park of the sanatorium and will not be accessible to the general public. I guess you have to get a good rectal flushing in order to view the statue.

Guess I will have to scratch this off of my itinerary.


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