Sunday, May 11, 2008


Johnson City, New York -

Richard Szymanski had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from his face on Tuesday but now he really has a story to tell.

Mr. Szymanski decided to use the commode and was sitting minding his own business when steam started coming from below. Before the 61-year-old man could un-ass the throne fully the toilet exploded, launching him a few feet into the shower wall.

Crap, that's scary. “It was kind of hot there for a minute,” said Szymanski. Under-reaction of the year.

Szymanski said he was a little dizzy, but didn't think he was seriously injured....Good thing since he still had stitches from his surgery two days earlier. Ouch.

The fire department arrived and all was well, well except for the exploded toilet. A broken hot water line is said to be the cause.

No word yet if therapy will be needed.


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