Sunday, May 11, 2008

How old is too old?

So how long do you have an unpaid bill before you figure it's safe to forget about it? Well this lady obviously never forgets her bills, even if she's really late paying them.

In Calumet, Michigan police received a $1 parking ticket written on Sept. 1, 1976, a $20 bill and a note last month in a plain white envelope with no return address.

The note read: "I always had good intentions of paying it. I put it aside and every once in a while I would come across it and said `someday I'm going to pay it.' Now I think it's time."

Police Chief David Outinen said the $1 fine increased to $5 after 72 hours, but hadn't increased beyond that.

The woman apparently hopes her payment closes the matter. "Please don't try and track me down. I am a respectable lady," she wrote. Yeah, because she wouldn't want her name tarnished. Karma will give her a good reward I'm sure.

{Full story here}


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