Sunday, May 11, 2008


So here's a question, how do you solve the global warming problem overnight? This may be the smartest move I've ever seen scientists come up with to solve a world-wide problem and potentially human race ending problem. Tell the world that it will affect beer production. According to climate scientist Jim Salinger the rising climate may soon start making barley, one of the main ingredients in that lovely barley pop otherwise known as beer, growing tougher. People, no barley means no beer, no beer means a whole lot of angry, un-drunken men and women and would making dating a whole lot more boring. Heck it might even lower the world population since there would probably be a whole lot less drunken oops. Hmm, okay, focus here. Now he only mentions Australia and New Zealand but I'm sure those two should not be the only ones quivering in their mugs, this could be a major global crisis here people.

So what to do? Post an article on this subject on bar walls, in bathroom stalls, print it on bar napkins, put it on the back of beer cans like missing children on the back of milk cartons, make public service announcements. You make the general populace of beer drinkers, some billion, trillion, gazillion people worldwide aware, and you will solve your global warming. You will have more support for research than you ever knew possible, although it may be a lot of beer bellied, sweaty men, but beggers can't be choosers I don't spose. Also I think Al Gore should start stumping for Coors or Bud, combine the two, how cool would that be?

Say no to global warming, yes to beer. Support the cause y'all.


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